Please, Pewabic, Redesign Your Site!

Although many people here in NYC may not have heard of Pewabic Pottery, as a Detroit native, I know about these products. Pewabic is a historic pottery in Detroit that dates back to 1903, and they are well-known for handmade ceramic tiles and vases. Truly, these items are beautiful. I was excited to find that they sell their wares online, making them available to customers far and wide. However, when I began to explore their website, I discovered that their ecommerce offering is less than lovely. Take a look at the screenshot below of the online store’s home page:

pewabic1 copy

As you can see, this site is in need of some updates. For a company that sells beautiful art, the design here is boring and underwhelming. In addition, some areas in the top and bottom menus are not correctly aligned. The shopping categories are found in the left navigation, but this layout feels clumsy. I would recommend reorganizing or consolidating these down to just a few main categories, and placing them in the top navigation instead. This would provide more space in the center of the page for featured products.

I clicked on the first category, Gift Tiles, and this opened the sub-category options. These options also appeared in the left navigation menu, where they weren’t available until I clicked, which even pushed some of the other options out of the list. Again, this would be much better in the form of a drop-down menu in the top navigation. It would eliminate these extra clicks and allow shoppers to arrive on their desired sub-category more quickly.

pewabic2 copy

I decided to take a look at the Detroit & Michigan tiles. Again, I found a big problem with the page. This page doesn’t show any prices, meaning a shopper would have to visit each product detail page to find that information. I strongly recommend that Pewabic add prices to the category pages.

pewabic3 copyI could go on, but I think even these few screenshots speak for themselves. This ecommerce shop needs a big overhaul. I would suggest a minimal design that better showcases the beautiful products, with high-quality images and a simpler top navigation. Hopefully Pewabic Pottery agrees with these ideas!


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