Let Down by FreshDirect’s Site Search

A coworker was placing the office’s FreshDirect order on their ecommerce site when she ran into a problem. Normally I find FreshDirect to be pretty great, but this was a big let down for the site search function. Take a look at the results returned for a search for “plastic cups.”

freshdirectsearch1 copy

What we had in mind were the little plastic cups you might find near the water cooler. What we got here was…. not even close. Out of the six results, three of them were paper cups, and two weren’t cups at all. The only item that was actually a plastic cup was a case of Solo party cups, and it was out of stock anyway. What a bummer!

It seems a little weird that this ecommerce site wouldn’t have the cups we’re looking for. And it seems weirder still that it would return results that were so off the mark. Maybe it’s time for a site search update, FreshDirect.



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