Nordstrom Looks for Customer UX Feedback

While exploring the Nordstrom ecommerce site the other day, I came across something really interesting. I happened to click on a picture while browsing that led me to a Complete Looks page. Basically, it showed me all the items that the model in the image is wearing so that I could shop the individual pieces in the look. It’s a very cool concept, and I liked it a lot. But what really caught my eye was a little line of text below the main image.

nordstromUX1 copy

Nordstrom let shoppers know that they changed the design of the page and asked for their feedback. When I clicked on the link, another small window opened up with a survey. It asked me some questions about my opinions on this page. Although many customers may not know the exact term, it’s really about the user experience, or UX. How cool!

nordstromUX2 copy

It’s definitely a great strategy for this ecommerce store to get customers’ thoughts on a new design. Sure, they can test to see which version of the page performs better in terms of conversions and other factors, but that may not show the full picture. Asking whether shoppers like the page, whether they found the information they needed, and if they thought the page is logical; these are all great questions that can allow Nordstrom to find out their user’s feelings about the site. It’s a safe bet that all the extra data will help them continue to improve in the future!


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