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When a Winning Tablet Design Flops on Desktop (Get Elastic)
“Do tablet users behave (and convert) similarly to desktop users? Clark’s shoes set out to answer this question by testing its winning tablet design on desktop against its desktop version. The case originally appeared on WhichTestWon (a fantastic resource of A/B tests).”

Google Makes It Easier for Merchants to Migrate to Shopping Campaigns (eCommerce Bytes)
“With regular Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaign types slated to be retired in late August of this year, Google has been encouraging merchant advertisers to shift to Shopping campaigns. Preferably, Google would like to see these transitions happen sooner rather than later with its AdWords customers, and according to one expert, small sellers will benefit from the ease-of-use offered by Shopping campaigns.”

Ecommerce in China: 25+ stats that highlight one big opportunity (eConsultancy)
“And to give an idea of exactly why brands like Burberry, ASOS and Selfridges are hoping to expand East, I’ve rounded up some stats which reveal the scale of the opportunity for online retail in China. This post gives a good foundation for any ecommerce professionals with an interest in the Chinese market, and in future posts I’ll take a look at the major players within the industry, including Alibaba Group, Tencent and Baidu.”

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