Not Collecting Emails is a Missed Opportunity

Last week, I visited an ecommerce site called As the name suggests, they sell a wide variety of products for the bedroom and bath, from accessories to furniture and everything in between. When I began to explore the site, a pop-up appeared on my screen. This little window was advertising a special offer on the site for free shipping that day only. On the one hand, it’s nice that the site shows customers these special deals to make sure they know about the free shipping offer. On the other hand…

bedbathstore1 copy

Why wouldn’t have included a field for users to enter their email address to receive future offers? In my opinion, this is a huge missed opportunity. Email marketing is very effective for online merchants to increase sales, and growing that email list should always be a priority for any retailer. The fact that this ecommerce site presents a pop-up that immediately catches the shopper’s attention, but doesn’t ask for their email, is a big mistake. They should be collecting email addresses as much as possible! A pop-up is a great method for that.

Do you think missed an important marketing opportunity, or do you think the free shipping pop-up was a fine choice the way it was? Interested to hear your thoughts in the comments section!



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