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Gain Competitive Advantage with Attribution: Predictions from Adobe Summit (Get Elastic)
“In layman’s terms, attribution is determining exactly where people are coming in from (laptop, tablet, mobile, wearable and/or geolocation) and what is bringing them in (social, YouTube, referral, direct, email, organic search) and then using data models or algorithms to detect interesting patterns in engagement and conversion maps.”

Mobile commerce sales are up 101% in Q1 for 350 retailers (Internet Retailer)
“Things are looking up at mobile commerce platform provider Unbound Commerce. According to the Q1 2014 edition of the vendor’s quarterly m-commerce index, which compares Q1 year over year smartphone shopping at more than 350 of Unbound’s retailer clients, sales on smartphones are up 101%, monthly unique visitors on smartphones are up 37%, page views on smartphones are up 56%, average order value on smartphones is up 12%, and conversion rates for shoppers on smartphones are up 29%.”

Alibaba IPO Could Spark E-Commerce Investment Surge (Ecommerce Times)
“Whether Alibaba launches its IPO on April 21 or in the following days, it clearly will be a major event for Wall Street. By any measure, it will be a blockbuster. The company will raise up to US$15 billion in the offering, which would place its value at $200 billion, based on investor community scuttlebutt. These are not unrealistic numbers. The company reportedly posts more revenue and net income than Amazon and eBay combined.”

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