Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Amazon, Facebook look to differentiate mobile payments with data (Mobile Commerce Daily)
“Amazon has been looking for ways to pitch its trove of data on consumer shopping to retailers for quite some time, and now supposedly wants to speed up the timing of a payment product that would let consumers buy goods via an Amazon account. Last year, Amazon rolled out a product called Login and Pay, which lets retailers and merchants leverage log-in information to speed up transactions.”

PayPal Encourages Shoppers to Buy Now, Pay Later (eCommerce Bytes)
“PayPal has expanded a controversial program to the UK. The “Pay After Delivery” program lets shoppers pay for purchases 2 weeks after hitting the buy button – and funds are taken from the buyer’s bank account on file rather than from funds available in their PayPal account. In a recent letter to select UK members, PayPal positioned the program as a way shoppers could feel more secure when shopping online, starting off its letter with the following introductory verbiage:”

Ecommerce Marketing vs. Shopper Annoyance (Practical Ecommerce)
“Don’t overuse any tactic. Never use a tactic that your shoppers opt out of, such as an email subscription. Likewise, don’t continually flash chat pop-ups if the shopper never engages. Do not display an offer to subscribe to an email just as a new visitor lands on your website. You have not earned that right yet. If it’s a repeat shopper, go ahead and make the offer as he has likely returned because he saw something of interest.”

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