Ecommerce Snapshot: Lilly Pulitzer

As I was shopping for dresses on the lovely Lilly Pulitzer ecommerce site, I happened to find an odd little issue. In order to narrow down the selection of party dresses, I opened the “narrow by” menu at the top of the page. There was an option to select my size, and then the options to choose a print or color. But I’m confused. Some of the swatches appear in both the print and color sections. Plus, some of the “prints” are just solid colors, while some of the “colors” are actually prints… What’s going on here?

lillypulitzer1 copy

I think this ecommerce shop needs to be more clear with their swatches. It’s time to decide which swatches are prints and which are colors, and make sure that each one only appears in one category! This will certainly help to avoid some of the confusion customers may find here.


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