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SEO: Why Amazon’s Navigation Works So Well (Practical Ecommerce)
“Judging by the number of Google searches for which Amazon ranks, it’s easy to see that Amazon is doing a lot right when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that Amazon does well in regards to SEO, but its navigation is exemplary. Consider the enormous range of products that Amazon has to catalog and provide access to in a way that its customers and search engines can all access optimally.”

US Retail Ecommerce Sales Highest for Computers, Consumer Electronics (eMarketer)
“eMarketer expects total US retail sales to hit $4.732 trillion this year, with ecommerce sales reaching a greater-than-ever share of the total. And as retail ecommerce reaches levels of mature, sustained growth, it’s having an effect on patterns across category sales.”

The Hunt Raises $10M From Khosla For Crowdsourced Shopping (Tech Crunch)
“The Hunt provides a community-driven shopping experience that helps consumers find and purchase items inspired by photos on social networks. Since its launch in January, the site has allowed users to post “hunts,” or pictures of unidentified clothing items from Tumblr, Pinterest, or the like that they want to track down. Community members then jump in to either identify the exact product or to provide suggestions for similar ones.”


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