Badge of Honor: MYHABIT

Another Friday, another Badge of Honor to award! Which ecommerce site gets the prize today? None other than Amazon’s MYHABIT flash sale site. Not only does this site offer some amazing deals on designer brands, but it also offers an intuitive shopping experience that makes it a joy to shop. Let’s break it down.

myhabit copy

MYHABIT is organized on a couple of ways. Users can shop by the category of item, but since it’s a flash sale site, they can also shop by event. What I really like here is that when you open the Events drop-down menu, it shows you today’s new events, but also the events that are ending soon. This is great for giving the shopper that sense of urgency to make a purchase before it is too late to get the deal.

myhabit5 copy

I began by exploring the event for C’Jere Wall Decor. I love that the page gives you a brief description of the collection, and includes the date when the event will end. All the important stuff right at the top.

myhabit1 copy

It shows me that there are 63 items on this page, but it doesn’t offer sorting or filtering. As I scroll down though, I don’t really mind. I can explore the collection, and certain products offer notifications. For example, one says “In Members’ Carts,” which is this ecommerce shop’s way of telling me this item is going fast. Again, this is a great strategy for increasing the urgency.¬†When I clicked on one of these items, I arrived on the product detail page. This showed me even more information, including the fact that there is only 1 left. I had better snap it up!

myhabit4 copy

Going back to the event page, I continued to scroll down. As I neared the bottom, I saw that all the items had “Sold Out” notifications on them. MYHABIT automatically places sold out products at the bottom of the page, which is a very helpful feature. They also add recommendations for other events the shopper may want to check out. This encourages shoppers to stay on the site and keep browsing, and hopefully make another purchase.

myhabit2 copy


Just to continue exploring MYHABIT, I clicked on the Schutz event to eye some shoes. When I got to the event page, again I noticed the blurb at the top describing these items, and the date the event will end. But this time, I saw there is the ability to filter by size. It’s really great that this ecommerce store offers relevant filters when it counts. It would have been so time consuming to sift through which of these 95 styles are available in my size… Another great element about this page is that if you hold your mouse over a product image, it will rotate through several different images of alternate product views. It’s nice to get those views without having to click away from the page!

myhabit3 copyAll in all, MYHABIT has incorporated some great design features that make browsing the different events and sales a really enjoyable experience. This ecommerce Badge of Honor is certainly well deserved, and we hope they enjoy it!



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