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The ‘Heartbleed’ bug has e-retailers’ hearts racing with anxiety (Internet Retailer)
“Called the Heartbleed Bug, the flaw could help hackers steal information, including credit card numbers and personal consumer data, from inside servers that operate ecommerce sites. The attack also could enable criminals to create web sites that mimic real ones and which could be used to steal from consumers, experts say. While those experts could point to no such thefts today, they say retailers will have to keep their eyes open to make sure they are not victims of fraud.”

Pimp my user experience! (eConsultancy)
“The philosophy of personalising a customer’s user experience has been used to great effect in digital and traditional marketing over the last couple of years with CEM (or CXM if you prefer) being, for want of a better term, a ‘hot topic’ of recent times. Customers are now expecting a personal service and this is none more apparent that when looking at the web. With advancements in modern CMS platforms such as Kentico, Sitecore and Adobe AEM to name a few, content personalisation is fast moving from a cool, nice to have feature on a website, to a must have necessity.”

The SEO Dominance of RetailMeNot (Priceonomics)
“Since RetailMeNot is an SEO-driven company par excellence, we thought it would be interesting to showcase some of the work we do. Let’s review 1) The clever way RetailMeNot makes money 2) Just how important search engine traffic is to its business, and 3) Exactly how dominant the company is at winning the SEO game for coupon codes. ”


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