Ecommerce Snapshot: Tackle Direct

Today I stumbled upon an ecommerce site called Tackle Direct, an online retailer of all kind of fishing gear. Sadly, this site is no catch (see what I did there?) I arrived on a landing page for saltwater fishing rods and poles, and I immediately noticed something weird. This whole category page is one big list. Why would a shopper want to see a long list of product names and links? Where are the product images?? Where are the refinement options??? This is a browsing nightmare…

tackledirect1 copy

I clicked on the first link in the list, Abu Garcia Saltwater rods. Here, I at least saw some images, but there’s still a problem. No prices! There isn’t a quick shop or add to cart button either. Yikes…

tackledirect2 copy

It is time for this ecommerce site to make some serious updates, and soon. It will be easier to reel in those orders (hah) if you bait the customer with a better user experience (haha)!



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