Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Proactive Experiences and the Future of UX (UX Magazine)
“What Delta Air Lines and countless other companies are coming to realize is that to create a great customer experience in today’s environment, they need to become better at anticipating customer needs and satisfying them before the customer takes action. We call these types of experiences proactive experiences and they are on the fast track to becoming a standard feature in everyday customer experiences.”

Are Smartphones Bad at Conversions? (SiteTuners)
“Adobe and Monetate generally agree on about a 1 percent conversion rate on smartphones, and an over 2 percent conversion rate on tablets. The idea is that smartphones, with their slower connections, more restrictive screen size and (currently) underpowered hardware, are at a distinct disadvantage compared to desktops and laptops, or even to their cousins, tablets. Of course, the real story is much more complicated than that.”

Downtown Mobile Commerce App Launches To Become ‘Amazon For Local Businesses’ (Tech Crunch)
Consumers are increasingly shopping online and on their mobile phones, drawn by the ease of locating things they want to buy and cheap or free fast delivery from major ecommerce sites like Amazon. But for most brick-and-mortar stores, the shopping experience hasn’t really changed. That’s why the new app Downtown was launched, to provide a way for local small businesses and chain locations to participate in mobile commerce. By doing so, they’ll be able to sell and deliver items to nearby residents even faster than the big ecommerce chains.

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