Badge of Honor: Rickshaw Bagworks

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor goes to Rickshaw Bagworks. There are so many great features about this site, including the customization features and the Twitter integration, that there’s no point wasting time with an introduction. Let’s just dive in and see what makes this site so awesome!

rickshaw copyWhen I arrived on the home page, I was already impressed. I loved the image they show of one of their bags after a year of use. It’s a really great way to showcase the quality and durability of their products.

rickshaw1 copy

I decided to find out more about that particular bag, so I clicked on it. Right away I saw a pop-up asking me to enter my email address. This is another point in favor of this ecommerce site, because it’s a quick and easy way to gather important customer data for email marketing. After this, I wound up on the category page for the Zero Messenger bags. Here you have the option to choose from the various sizes, but I went with the default size of medium and headed on to the product page.

This is where things started to look really cool. The product detail page has a few ready-made color options, but the Customize This option really stands out here. Customizing is much more fun and personal for the customer. This is a great feature, and we’ll get to that in a bit.

rickshaw3 copy

As I scrolled down the product detail page, I noticed some other nice things about this ecommerce store. This brand features some cool videos, which showcase the product as well as Rickshaw Bagworks’ process. When users click on the thumbnails, the videos pop up to take a larger space on the screen, demanding your full attention. Videos are a really powerful tool to convince people to make a purchase, and it is a great move by Rickshaw to include them here.

rickshaw4 copy

Okay, I was convinced. I decided to try out the customization tool. What I really love about this is although it shows a default color scheme to start, it will display your selections as you make them, throughout the multiple product views, as you can see below. Too cool!

rickshaw6 copy

When you click the icon to continue, the next page displays some accessories that are specific to this bag. Of course you can skip through without selecting any, but why would you want to? Clearly this is a great up-selling strategy to add to that order value.

rickshaw7 copy

Now the last really cool thing about this ecommerce site came when I got to the checkout page. Below the order summary, there is a field where the shopper can enter their Twitter handle. Rickshaw Bagworks will tweet a photo of the finished bag, and it will appear under their hashtag, #FreshBagFeed.

rickshaw8 copy

This is such an awesome social media strategy. Not only is it a great way to showcase the products and spread the brand name around Twitter, but it also shows the importance Rickshaw Bags places on each individual customer. You can see in their Twitter feed below some examples from the Fresh Bag Feed. That customer connection is truly valuable for brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

rickshaw9 copyFor the incorporation of videos, amazing customization feature, and truly awesome Twitter strategy, Rickshaw Bagworks definitely deserves today’s Badge of Honor. We really love the love they show to their products and their customers. It’s a beautiful thing to see!



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