100% Pure is not 100% Consistent

A search for organic makeup led me to the ecommerce site for 100% Pure, a brand of organic skincare products. I was pretty excited to explore the site, so I began to browse around. This brand uses fruit pigments to dye their makeups. How cool! I clicked on the fruit dyed makeup tab to take a look at the products.

As you can see here, 100% Pure provides 5 top sellers from this category along the top. These listings show prices and an add to cart button. However, when you look at the rest of the items below these top sellers, it’s a different story. You only see the name of the product. There are no prices, and no add to cart buttons. Shoppers have to use the more info button and visit the product detail page to find out the price and add to their carts. I would love to see the prices listed for these items, and a Quick Shop option would be a great addition as well. This would provide a more consistent experience across all the products on the page.

100pure1 copy

Next, I noticed the Purist tab in the top navigation menu. I was curious as to what this is all about, so I clicked on it. This is where things got really weird. Now, I’m not sure if Purist is a category of 100% Pure products, or if it’s a completely different brand. This should really be explained. But this section of the site looks totally different! I almost felt like I had accidentally arrived on another ecommerce store. The layout is different, the fonts are different, the buttons say “buy now” rather than “add to cart” or “more info”… the rest, you can see for yourself:

100pure2 copy

I would suggest that there be more consistency across this ecommerce site. Even if Purist is separate from 100% Pure, the design of the page should be the same. It creates confusion for the shopper otherwise. It would also be good to add an explanation about what Purist really is, so that customers can get the full picture. Consistency will make the site look more professional, and give shoppers more confidence to purchase from this company.



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