Candy Warehouse Confusion…

Easter is on its way, and although I don’t celebrate this holiday, it brings about a very exciting time of year: Cadbury Egg season. Of course, I had to get online to search for an ecommerce retailer where I could get these delicious treats. That’s how I ended up on the Candy Warehouse site. And that’s how I found today’s latest addition to the Lion’s Den here on Ecommerce Outtakes.

I headed to the top navigation. As I moused over each category tab, a drop-down menu opened containing the various options. At first glance, these menus actually all look the same, because they each have 4 larger images in the top. Two of them, the Easter Candy and Wedding Candy options, are in all of the menus. The menus are only different when you look below the images to see the other options, like color or flavor. This is a bit confusing, and I would recommend that the featured images in each drop-down menu are more relevant to the main category.

candywarehouse1 copy

At least the Easter candy page was easy for me to find. When I got here, I wanted to narrow down my options since there are 27 pages of candies to sift through. I began to look at the left navigation menu to help refine the selection. As I scrolled down to find the brand filters so I could look for the Cadbury products, I stopped short at one odd filtering option: Country. When I opened this up, I saw 14 countries listed, with the number of products next to it. But what does this mean? Is this showing which countries the products are manufactured in? Or is it showing the countries where these products are available? There is no explanation… On top of that, why would USA be listed last? Not only does USA have the most products listed (330), but I imagine most of the Candy Warehouse customers will be in the US too. What a confusing filter! I strongly suggest this ecommerce site makes it more clear what this filter is for, or eliminates it all together.

candywarehouse2 copy

When I finally scrolled down far enough to see the Brand filtering options, I saw another strange element on this page. Under the heading “Sweet Little Nothings,” there is quite a lot of text. Reading through it, I realized that it was a short story depicting an Easter play gone wrong. I’m not really sure why this is here though. I guess it’s meant to be a funny addition to the page, but I just don’t know how well it really works. Take a look in the screenshot below, or check it out on the Candy Warehouse site. I’d love to hear your take on this in the comments!

candywarehouse3 copy

With repeating images in the menus, filters that confuse the shopper, and a random short “play” at the bottom of the page, Candy Warehouse can use some updates. Improving these areas will be a big benefit to the user experience of this ecommerce site.



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