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Returns plague fashion e-commerce. Can technology fix the problem? (Washington Post)
“PhiSix, a recent eBay acquisition, seeks to apply the digital effects you see in blockbuster films to e-commerce. The same technology that helps a computer-generated character in a film look realistic can help the average shopper find clothes that fit better. While shoppers can’t yet benefit from the technology — eBay is still determining how to integrate PhiSix into its retail innovations efforts — it appears possible that it will eventually make the online shopping process better for consumers.”

Fixing SEO Conversion Woes on your Ecommerce Site (Practical Ecommerce)
“Search engine optimization focuses on driving more visitors to your site. If your pages are well optimized for relevant keywords, in theory most of the people landing on your site are within your target audience. Even so, SEO often needs some help from another discipline: conversion rate optimization. It’s far more efficient to convert more natural search visitors than to try to drive additional visitors that don’t convert. It’s also a better experience for your customers and search visitors, because they get what they came to your site for.”

Is Google Plus more important than Twitter? (Internet Retailer)
“Marketers can start by posting the same content they share on Facebook to Google Plus. That tactic has helped retailers like Louis Vuitton generate a 0.112% Google Plus engagement rate and a 0.099% Facebook rate—both of which are far above the average rates, the report says.”

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