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Why Prefers Polyvore to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc. (
“ also found that Polyvore was responsible for an average of 85 percent of its social media sales referrals, compared to 7 percent from Facebook, 5 percent from Pinterest, 2 percent from YouTube, and 1 percent from Twitter. The average share of traffic was also 80 percent from the fashion site, compared to 7 percent from Facebook, 8 percent from Pinterest, 3 percent from YouTube, and 2 percent from Twitter. The privately held company won’t reveal its total revenues.”

Alibaba Will Pay $692M For 35% Stake In Retail Operator Intime (Tech Crunch)
“Alibaba and Intime said in a press statement that they will develop online-to-offline (O2O) initiatives in order to “provide a more convenient shopping experience.” This means that Alibaba and Intime will look for ways to combine Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms with Intime’s retail outlets, which consist of high-end department stores, shopping malls, and online marketplace”

6 Charts Will Convince You That Apple Already Totally Dominates Mobile ECommerce (Business Insider)
“People often say that Apple has lost the mobile platform war to Google because Android users form up to 80% of all mobile device users. But when it comes to mobile ecommerce, Google remains an also-ran. iPhone and iPad users are the majority of people shopping via mobile, and they usually spend more than Android users, too.”


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