Pining for Filters from J.Crew

Not too long ago, we gave J. Crew an ecommerce Badge of Honor for the In Good Company section on their site. Although those aspects of the webstore were great, today we found some other areas that were not so great. Specifically the fact that J. Crew’s online store doesn’t offer sorting or filtering options to help shoppers find products that match their search.

When I arrived on the J. Crew site, I began to browse the women’s selection. All the categories are listed in the left navigation menu, and I chose Shirts & Tops. However, this category page left me pretty disappointed. Although the left menu did expand to show the subcategories within Shirts & Tops, that was all. I could not filter by size or color, which would be very helpful. I don’t really need to see products that aren’t available in my size. Also, I could not sort the items, for instance by price or best sellers.

jcrewouttake2 copy

I clicked on another section to take a look at the limited-time sale event. Here again, my only filtering option is to select a subcategory, and I can’t even pick more than one at a time. For example, if I was interested in only sweaters, dresses and swim, I have to view each category individually. It would be nice if these subcategories had check boxes, and I could select just the ones I want to see and view them all together. Also, filtering by size is especially important in a sale, when sizes sell out more quickly. Adding that filter could eliminate potential frustration for customers.

jcrewouttake1 copy

Basically, I was already growing frustrated by the lack of filtering and sorting options on J. Crew’s ecommerce store. It certainly doesn’t make browsing easy! But I noticed the Factory tab at the top of the page, and remembered that J. Crew also has an outlet store in addition to the main site. When I clicked this link and began to browse the Factory website, I found the same problem. There’s a big lack of filtering and sorting, just like on the J. Crew site.

jcrewouttake3 copy

Updating both the J. Crew and J. Crew Factory ecommerce sites to include relevant filtering and sorting options, such as size, color, price and best sellers, would be a great addition to the sites. These options would make it easier for shoppers to narrow down the selection, find the items they want, and make a purchase.


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