Badge of Honor: Intelligentsia Coffee

While brewing my morning caffeine fix today, I was browsing the Intelligentsia Coffee site. This coffee roaster is known for their high-quality direct trade coffees, and consumers can buy their beans on this ecommerce site. The design and navigation here is really cool. So cool, in fact, that it earned them today’s Badge of Honor. Take a look.

intelligentsia copy

Arriving on the home page, I used the top navigation and opened the Shop tab. This gave me a big drop down menu with all the various categories and sub-categoreis of merchandise. Since I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, I decided to explore my options. I clicked the Shop All Coffee link.

intelligentsia1 copy

Now here is what really makes this site stand out. As you can see below, each variety of coffee is shown by an image that gives a glimpse into the farming or production of that coffee. Since Intelligentsia takes great pride in the fact that they work so closely with their growers, this aligns perfectly with their brand and gives shoppers insight into who they are as a company. Laid over these images is some white text, which tells you what to look for in each coffee. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what I had stumbled upon. But this text tells the shopper which flavors they will find in each variety of coffee, to a very specific degree. Interested in a coffee that shows flavors of powdered doughnut? You’re in luck! This is a very cool feature.

intelligentsia2 copy

In case users may be a bit confused by what these words mean, Intelligentsia offers a little icon in the upper right that says “How this page works.” When you click it, a little pop-up opens, explaining how the page provides a profile for each flavor. It even suggests that if you find a coffee you like, you may like other ones with similar flavors listed. This is very helpful for customers looking to try something new. Encouraging people to shop by the flavors they know they enjoy makes the buying process seem less intimidating, and it is a great way to generate sales.

intelligentsia3 copy

On the product detail pages, Intelligentsia offers even more information about the coffee. Users can click through pictures of the farmers and farms where the beans were grown, see on a map where the farm is located, and learn whether it is direct trade, single origin, and in season. At the bottom, this ecommerce store also offers three other recommendations, which eliminates the work for the shopper of scrolling through to find other coffees with similar flavors.

intelligentsia4 copy

Intelligentsia Coffee has come up with a really interesting and simple way for shoppers to browse their coffee selection. This ecommerce store features images of the coffee producers, giving people insight into the company and also into where the product comes from. It also encourages visitors to shop by flavor, outlining the flavor profile of each coffee variety. We hope they keep up the great work. Enjoy your Badge of Honor, Intelligentsia Coffee!


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