Here’s What I’d Love from Lucky Brand

Today I headed over to the Lucky Brand ecommerce store to see what kind of deals I could find in the sale section. There were lots of products to choose from, but I was a bit disappointed in the filtering capabilities. Let me show you why.

I clicked the option to View All Women’s sale, and found tons of items here. Thankfully, this ecommerce site offers a sorting menu, and the ability to filter by size, inseam, leg, color, price and rating. Obviously these are all good options. But I have one complaint.┬áLet’s say I am only interested in dresses, skirts and shoes. I don’t need to scroll through all the tops and jeans, so I want to eliminate those items from my results. Unfortunately, I cannot do this on the Lucky Brand site. If I use the left menu and click on dresses, I see only dresses. I cannot select more than one category at once.

luckybrand1 copy

This is kind of a bummer. It would be so much easier for shoppers to pick the particular categories they want to see, and see them all together. Then they could filter for their sizes within those results. Maybe it’s a minor complaint, given the otherwise great filtering and sorting options here, but I think it would be a nice addition to this ecommerce store.



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