Doll Swimwear and the Search Term Confusion

With warm weather on my mind, I was searching online for bikinis. I came across the ecommerce site for Doll Swimwear¬†and began to browse the selection. This shopping experience ended up being an exercise in confusion and patience… Let me tell you all about it.

When I first arrived on the site, I headed to the Bikinis & Swimwear section. In the banner at the top, the text mentions that this site has the largest selection of Scrunch Bun bikinis. Okay, that seems great… but what does Scrunch Bun mean? There is no explanation, and this image is not clickable. Some of the products below have “scrunch” or “scrunch bottom” in the name, but not “scrunch bun.” I wanted to know more.

dollswimwear1 copy

I entered “scrunch bun” into the search function. I hoped that this would show me only those bikinis that have both scrunch and bun in the title. Unfortunately, I encountered much of what I had seen on the previous page, with items that didn’t have the full search term in the name. Even in the left navigation menu, I spotted a Scrunch Up option, but no Scrunch Bun. Finally my eye spotted one scrunch bun bikini.

dollswimwear2 copy

I headed to the product page to solve the mystery of the Scrunch Bun. Sadly, I was let down yet again. Look at the absolute lack of product information here. Sure, there are plenty of keywords, but no actual descriptions. It says Scrunch Bun, but doesn’t tell me what it means! Of course, from the picture, I can pretty much figure it out, but it’s still frustrating that I can’t find the info. Then, below the size selection, I saw a section with features. One says “Scrunch Butt Style” with a link titled “What is Scrunch Butt?” Did I finally find the answer?

dollswimwear3 copy

This link led me to the FAQ page, and the first FAQ provided the information I was looking for. This was a bittersweet moment. Sure, I was happy that I knew what Scrunch Bun/Scrunch Butt/Scrunch Up meant after all. But I was pretty frustrated that it took me so long to find this simple answer. Why wasn’t there a category for the Scrunch Bun bikinis? Why didn’t my search return more helpful results? Why wasn’t there a description right on the product pages of these items? And why is Doll Swimwear using 3 different terms for the same thing?

dollswimwear4 copy

The whole experience was pretty confusing, and I have some suggestions for this ecommerce store that will improve this mess. First, pick one term and make sure it is used consistently across the site. Second, create a category for Scrunch Bun bikinis that explains what they are in a banner at the top. And third, write more detailed descriptions on product pages. This will help future customers to not become as frustrated as I was.


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