Disappointing Search Results from MakeMeChic

Although we’re having a cold day in NYC, spring seems to be in the air. It’s the kind of feeling that inspires a person to find some cute new wedge sandals for the coming warm weather! A Google search for wedges led me to an ecommerce site called MakeMeChic, which sells trendy clothes and accessories in addition to shoes. When I got to the site, I entered “wedge sandals” into the search function… and man was I disappointed in the results.

Below is the top of the search results page. As you can see, many of the items this search returned are either sandals that aren’t wedges, or wedge shoes that aren’t sandals. The search function shows products that have one of my search terms in the title, but not enough that include both. This doesn’t help me very much in finding what I want.

makemechic1 copy

As I scrolled down, I found more of the same. Even some boots appeared in this search! With 5 pages of results to sift through, I don’t have a lot of confidence in finding the wedge sandals of my dreams from this ecommerce shop.

makemechic2 copyI scrolled back up to the top of the page to see if I could find a way to narrow down these results. There are some drop-down filtering menus at the top, so this seemed hopeful. But when I opened the Shop By Category menu, I realized that this wouldn’t help at all. The categories are not specific to my search, or even to shoes. It would have been great to see more relevant options here, and I strongly suggest MakeMeChic adds some better filtering and sorting options to the search results page.


The site search on MakeMeChic’s ecommerce store could really use some improvements. It needs to return results that are more relevant to the search terms, along with offering relevant filtering options to help shoppers narrow down the results. This updates will greatly help the customer find (and purchase!) the items they’re looking for.




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    Between Magento CE and the terrible default behavior of boolean-or search in (probably) MySQL, it’s pretty bad. Most people expect something closer to boolean-and search these days, and boolean-or works poorly with faceted search, which expects set retrieval. Even worse, it looks like the results aren’t ranked by field weight (title first) or possibly at all.

    They’re trying to group on color and I suspect this is why it takes ~30 seconds to load sometimes. Non-trivial to fix, but fixable. They’re thinking about the right things, but the execution needs to be fixed. I believe the results are unranked. Either that, or color isn’t indexed, which is just as bad:


  2. Google
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    Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the good spirit.

    • ECOTTAdmin ECOTTAdmin
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      Thank you!

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