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Ecommerce APIs: The What The Why and the How to Make Money (Get Elastic)
“While APIs are widely used outside of ecommerce (e.g. free Facebook apps built upon the f8 platform), their use in ecommerce is growing, and are particularly useful for bringing transactional capabilities to any consumer touchpoint – mobile, social, in-store, connected devices, et cetera, as well as internal applications for use by the business.”

Alibaba Seeks Treasure in US IPO (Ecommerce Times)
Alibaba, which controls 80 percent of the ecommerce in China, is going public — but not in its native land. Alibaba Group on Sunday announced its decision to begin the process of an initial public offering in the United States, saying the move would make it a more global company and enhance its transparency, while allowing it to pursue its long-term vision and ideals.”

Birchbox Founders To Share Subscription Commerce Insights At Disrupt NY (Tech Crunch)
“There’s no question that the future of commerce lies in providing a more personalized experience to consumers. And Birchbox has quietly created an $80 million business out of a subscription e-commerce platform for beauty and grooming brands. In a post-Amazon world, creating a commerce brand, especially using the subscription model, is a huge feat.”

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