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Forget Carl Icahn Proposal, eBay Should Sell Itself to – Google? (eCommerce Bytes)
“A Wall Street analyst thinks he has the solution to the “eBay versus Carl Icahn” debate over whether to spin off PayPal: he says Google should buy eBay. Colin Sebastian of RW Baird is muddying the waters with a new proposal that Google acquire eBay, though one that shareholders will not be voting on at eBay’s annual meeting next month. Sebastian explained in this CNBC video that Google lacks leadership in ecommerce, has struggled with payments, and has been losing the ecommerce search battle to rival Amazon. An acquisition of eBay and PayPal would be “a powerhouse combination for Google,” he said.

Using Data to Attract, Retain Email Subscribers (Practical Ecommerce)
“Your relationship with your subscribers doesn’t start with them entering their email addresses. Rather, it begins the moment they see your email opt-in form or page. That’s why it’s essential that you optimize every aspect of the page, from its web copy and offer, to its graphics and layout. Find out what your target audience likes. What tone should you adopt in the sign-up offer? Should you include images? What’s the best incentive to get them to sign up? Find the answers to these questions by surveying your customers. Analyze their responses and incorporate them it into your subscription offers.”

Amazon Prime’s price hike clips member satisfaction (Internet Retailer)
“Since Inc. raised the price of its annual Prime membership fee from $79 to $99 last week, member satisfaction with the brand declined 10 percentage points, according to a new survey by customer loyalty and engagement research firm Brand Keys Inc. While the higher price isn’t affecting all aspects of how Prime members respond to the brand—for instance, Amazon continues to rate high in terms of its merchandising and selection—it is putting a damper on the value customers attribute to the retailer, says Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president.”

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