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Amazon China builds its own delivery network (Internet Retailer)
“As it has in the United States, Inc.’s China subsidiary is building a nationwide network of distribution centers. What’s different is that Amazon China also employs workers who deliver the goods to the consumer. Amazon operates 15 fulfillment centers around China, with 800,000 square meters of warehouse space. It is Amazon’s largest distribution network outside the United States, says Fang Quan, vice president in charge of the marketplace platform for Amazon China. Amazon also employs drivers who make deliveries using their own vans, bicycles, motorcycles and scooters (how Yihaodian delivers fast).”

Collaborative Commerce: 7 Ways to Play in the Sharing Economy (Get Elastic)
“In the collaborative economy, consumers either get what they need from each other, or they pay for access to goods and services rather than own them. And increasingly, consumers are the makers and influencers of goods in the marketplace. Ecommerce professionals need to understand if and how peer-to-peer commerce and access vs. ownership impacts their business – and how they can capitalize on it, as well as the opportunity for co-creation. There are plenty of examples of established retailers, brands and start-ups that have caught the wave.”

PCI 3.0, Part 2: Defining Your Cardholder Data Environment (Ecommerce Times)
“New compliance guidelines went into effect earlier this year. While ecommerce organizations have until their 2015 audit to transition, the new controls are demanding enough operational and technical changes that smart businesses already have started preparing. If you’re wondering where to get started, one of the first steps you should take is to thoroughly define and document your cardholder data environment, or CDE, and consider ways to limit its scope.”

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