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What’s The Best Amazon Prime Alternative? (Tech Crunch)
“There isn’t one. Sorry, Charlie. Amazon Prime stands alone as the best deal online. No other service offers the same amount of substance: Free two-day shipping on a ton of stuff, cheap overnight shipping, and a streaming library second in content only to Netflix. Like it or not, Amazon Prime is still a great deal even after the price increase it announced this morning.”

How the top 10 US retailers use Pinterest (eConsultancy)
“Pinterest drove an unprecedented amount of traffic to retail sites in Q4 2013 achieving a 50% quarter-over-quarter increase in revenue-per-visit (RPV). In fact, Pinterest has overtaken Facebook for UK referral revenue and is expected to do the same in the USA this year. Also, with the amount of Pinterest Pin it buttons overtaking the amount of Facebook Likes on product pages, retailers are realising that Pinterest is a key way to drive sales. Let’s take a look at how the top 10 US retailers (in terms of 2013 sales) use Pinterest.”

9 Must-Read Mobile ECommerce Resources (February Digest) (Mobify)
“Here at Mobify, we spend a fair share of our time collecting and sharing the most interesting resources on how to create premium mobile ecommerce experiences. You might even call it a passion of ours! In this post, I want to share with you some of the most interesting and helpful mobile ecommerce resources published this year, as well as some of the top resources from last year. Let’s dive in!”

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