Badge of Honor: Origins

While exploring the ecommerce site of skincare brand Origins, I came across some pretty awesome features that I just had to share. In particular, their awesome site search function caused me to award this retailer today’s Badge of Honor. Check it out!

origins copyWhen I first arrived on the site, I had in mind that I wanted to find a good moisturizer. Rather than browse through everything, I headed straight for the search function. As I typed, a drop-down began suggesting products that fit my search. By the time I had finished typing the word “moisturizer,” this site search was displaying the top 3 products related to this search. What I really love about this is that I can see a thumbnail image of the product, the price, the rating, and the number of reviews. This information is perfect to show here, because it is exactly what a shopper will want to know in this early stage to decide if they want to explore a product further.

origins1 copy

I wanted to see what my other options were besides these 3 items, so I clicked the View All Results link. Here again, I was happy with what I found. Notice how all the filters in the left navigation are completely relevant to the search and the products. Nothing unnecessary here! I also love the little truck icon that shows which items have free shipping. The orange really stands out and quickly catches the user’s eye. Lastly, the featured product at the top of the page is a great strategy. Origins promotes a specific product, but since it is relevant to my search, it does not feel intrusive.

origins2 copy

In fact, I decided to learn more about this featured product, so I headed to the product detail page. I found even more cool features here, like the video that highlights this entire product line. Not only does it offer information about this product, but it acts as a cross sale for other products in this line. On top of that, there is an additional cross sale on the right, along with a code for a free gift. I also love the options at the bottom. You can add the product to the cart, add it to a gift order, or add it to your wishlist. So many ways to shop!

origins3 copy

I added this product to my cart. When I began the checkout, I saw another page full of nice features. Right away, the live chat option popped up, which I think is a great way to remind shoppers that this feature is available and offer it to them just in case. Once I clicked out of this, I saw that at the bottom, this up sell feature allows me to add items to my order right from this page. Such a simple way to increase the order value! Also, I like that instead of just saying checkout, this ecommerce store lets you know that if you proceed with this purchase, there are free samples in it for you. This is a great incentive to keep people from possibly abandoning the cart.

origins4 copy

There’s a lot to love on the Origins ecommerce site, especially from their site search and results page. We hope they enjoy their Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor. Congratulations, guys!


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