Ecommerce Snapshot: Target’s Product Image Fail

Maybe you heard about this one in the news, because this story about Target really blew up. Target’s ecommerce site featured some product images that had gone too far in terms of editing. I’m not sure who is in charge of Photoshop over there, but they got pretty heavy-handed! Take a look at the photo below, which came from the product detail page of a junior’s bikini. They edited out much of the model’s inner thighs, giving her a very unnatural, and frankly pretty scary, look. It looks like they may have also thinned her left arm, because it doesn’t match the size of her other arm. Not good.


Of course, this photo brought up a lot of issues in the media surrounding the body image standards presented to young girls. But this also serves as an important lesson to ecommerce retailers. Namely, that product images are important to your customers, and that they will definitely call you out for misleading or over-edited pictures. It’s probably time to double check all the product images on your site and make sure they’re up to a high standard. You don’t want to run into a PR fiasco like Target!

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