You Asked for It, New World Techs!

Ecommerce electronics retailer New World Techs wrote to the eCO team to request a review of their website. Well, we had a lot to say, and it’s all right here in this post. The short version: this ecommerce storefront lacks both visual appeal and intuitive navigation. Ready for the long version? You asked for it, New World Techs!

Okay, let’s start with the home page. This is exactly what I mean about lacking visual appeal. I understand the wanting a minimal design, but even a minimal site should have some creative or interesting elements. The overall feel on this online store is pretty boring. I would love to see this retailer amp up the visuals, creating colorful banner images that would draw shoppers in.

newworldtechs1 copy

On to the navigation. As you can see, there are some top navigation options, along with the ability to shop by product, brand or price on the left. The problem with this though is that these two navigation menus don’t work together. For instance, I can choose Tablets under the Computers category tab in the top. When I’m viewing these products, there isn’t a menu to sort by price, which I would strongly recommend adding.

newworldtechs2 copy

Well I don’t want to buy a tablet that costs more than $200, so I select this price range from the left navigation. But this doesn’t help me filter within the Tablets category. Instead, it displays all the products on the whole site that fit within this price range. This is truly frustrating. New World Tech needs to add the capability for shoppers to sort and filter within categories, and they need to do it ASAP.

newworldtechs3 copy

I selected a tablet and viewed the product detail page. I like that there are many different product images and a nice description. However, all the specifications fill up the page with text, and it’s a lot for a customer to read and take in. I suggest reorganizing these pages with tabs for all the different sections, so that shoppers can open them individually to find the information they want. This would reduce the clutter and simplify the experience.

newworldtechs4 copy

When I added this item to my cart, the rest of the process went pretty smoothly. The cart review page was editable, the site offers guest checkout, and the checkout itself was only 2 simple steps. These are all good things. But in the end, what good is a great checkout if shoppers are having trouble finding the products they want to buy? I strongly recommend that New World Techs updates their visual appeal, navigation, and product detail pages to improve the user experience on their ecommerce site.



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