A Plea for Easier Browsing from Donna Morgan

As readers of this blog probably know, I am all about browsing on ecommerce sites. Of course, it really bums me out when browsing isn’t so easy, which was the case when I was shopping on the Donna Morgan site. This retailer of women’s fashion and bridesmaid dresses certainly did not make the shopping process on their website very easy. A distinct lack of sorting and filtering options, plus a pretty strange visual problem, really brought this site down.

When I first arrived on the home page, there were some nice images in black and white. When I moused over them, they appeared in color, which is a fun, eye-catching design. Although I have seen Donna Morgan’s bridal designs on Pinterest, I wanted to explore what else this designer has to offer. I clicked on the Spring Ahead image to browse new arrivals.

donnamorgan1 copy

Arriving here, I unfortunately was not taken immediately to products. I had to select a category from the left navigation, so I picked What’s New. This page surprised me with a big lack of sorting and filtering options. A drop-down that would enable the shopper to sort by price or best sellers would be a great addition. I would also love to see filters for things like size, color, dress length, sleeve style, and more. Helping customers narrow down the search, rather than scroll through pages of products, allows them to find what they want and make a purchase faster.

donnamorgan3 copy

I decided to check out the Final Sale category next, since I always like a good deal. Again, sorting and filtering would be great here, too! A size filter is particularly helpful, especially as sizes sell out. But what this page really needs most are some out of stock and limited quantity notifications. Take a look at that first dress. It doesn’t say it’s out of stock…

donnamorgan2 copy

But of course, when I arrived on the product detail page, it is no longer available. It certainly would have saved me some time to know that on the last page!

donnamorgan4 copy

Next I decided to check out the bridesmaid dresses, just for fun. I clicked on the Bridal tab in the top navigation. When I first landed on this category page, it seemed like something was really wrong. All the text went blank! None of the category filters in the left or the main tabs in the top appeared until I moved my mouse over the blank spaces. How weird is that!

donnamorgan5 copy

Donna Morgan’s ecommerce storefront can clearly use some updates. Adding sorting and filtering options will really make browsing easier, and tags that show when an item is low stock or out of stock will save customers time and frustration. These small fixes will make big improvements to the overall shopping experience on this site.

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