Badge of Honor: The Republic of Tea

We are back with another Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor! The winner of today’s award is The Republic of Tea, a retailer that sells, you guessed it, lots of tea. One stand-out navigation feature of this site was so cool that it earned them our Badge. Let’s take a look!

republicoftea copy

The Republic of Tea puts their site above the competition with a fantastic twist on the top navigation menu. Since they offer so many different varieties of tea, it can be a lot for the shopper to take in. This ecommerce retailer utilized a clever design feature to help with this issue. They’ve added pictures of what the various types of teas look like brewed in cups. Not only is this a beautiful element that adds visual appeal to the navigation menu, but it can also assist shoppers who might not know the name of the tea they want, but can identify by sight what they’re looking for.

republicoftea1 copy

Another great aspect of this top navigation menu is the drop-downs that appear when you mouse over each category. Each of these menus offers What’s New as the first option, followed by all the other subcategories a shopper could need. This is a really nice way to ensure that the customer gets started off on the right track, selecting a specific type of tea to begin with, so they won’t have too many products to sift through. These menus make shopping on this ecommerce site so quick and efficient.

republicoftea2 copyThe Republic of Tea has designed a truly outstanding navigation menu. With the visual element that uses pictures of each tea type, along with the helpful drop-down options, this site has ensured that shoppers can easily find the products they want. We think it’s deserving of our Badge of Honor. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!




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