Pajar Canada: Nice Visuals, but Rough Navigation

When looking over the ecommerce site for Pajar Canada, I found many beautiful visual elements. To me, the site has the look and feel of a trendy magazine or catalog. Visuals are important, of course, but this website needs some updates to the navigation in order to offer a truly outstanding user experience.

When I first arrived on the site, I see that there are two options: I can select women or men from the top navigation, or shop women or men from the links on the middle of the page. This seems a bit redundant, and perhaps a better use of the space in the center of the page may be to display some featured products instead. Showing options from the two main categories, footwear and outerwear, would also help first-time shoppers gain an understanding of the Pajar brand and what they offer. Also, this would lead customers directly to products with less clicks.

pajar1 copy

Arriving on the page for all women’s products, I ran into several issues. First of all, I see that there are over 5 pages of items to browse through, but only 9 products per page. I would suggest doubling this, and having a default of 18 products per page so that shoppers can see more items at once. Also, offering the option to view all would be a nice addition, for those people who prefer to scroll rather than click to new pages.

pajar2 copy

Next, I noticed that although there are some nice filtering options on the left, some other helpful filters could be added. Clearly, these products are meant to be worn in cold or harsh climates, so it would be helpful if shoppers could filter for qualities like warmth level, waterproof, salt resistant, and slip resistant. Additionally, I would recommend a sorting menu that allows shoppers to sort the products by price, both low to high and high to low, by best sellers, and new arrivals.

pajar3 copy

The next problem I have came when I began to look at the products. When I moused over a product image, I saw a couple of areas to improve. The first is the lack of a quick shop or quick view option that would allow the shopper to view additional details about the item and add it to their cart without having to navigate to the product page. I would recommend implementing this feature to simplify the shopping process and aid navigation. The second problem was the out of stock notification. Users will not see that an item is out of stock unless they mouse over the image, but I suggest making this notification more apparent. Customers should see at a glance when an item is not available.

Speaking of out of stock items, here is where I became very disappointed in Pajar Canada’s ecommerce site. As I moused over the items on this first page, I saw that every single one was out of stock. On the second, third and fourth pages, it was the same thing: all out of stock. It wasn’t until the 5th page that I actually got to products I could buy! I’m sure many potential customers would also be frustrated by this experience. Now of course I understand that items will sell out, but it would be much better if these out-of-stock products were automatically pushed to the end, and the available items appeared first.

pajar4 copy

I was interested in some of the out-of-stock products, so I visited a product page for a pair of boots. I had hoped that I might be able to sign up to receive an email when this item was back in stock, but this option doesn’t exist. This is really unfortunate, and I recommend adding an email notification or alert, or even the ability to add the item to a wishlist. It would be a great way to recapture those customers that may be interested in purchasing the product in the future.

pajar5 copy

There are some other elements I noticed here that I hadn’t noticed before. A video element about how the products are made can be found on this page, and it’s also on some category pages. Video can be a really great tool for online retailers to utilize. Not only do they inform customers about your brand, allowing them to learn about you and connect with you, but they are also highly share-able. When shoppers share these videos with their social media networks, this increases brand awareness and recognition. Always a good thing! I would recommend putting more emphasis on the video element, perhaps even featuring one of them on the home page.

Clearly, there are many updates the Pajar Canada can make to improve their ecommerce site. On the top of my list would be navigation issues, such as filtering and sorting options, along with new ways to deal with out-of-stock products. The elements of a great site are there, they just need some improvements to deliver a better customer experience.





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One Comment

  1. Bianca
    Posted October 31, 2014 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    Thanks for posting this. I thought perhaps the store had gone out of business as everything in women is showing out of stock.

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