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eBay Places Heavy Bet on Snapdeal (Ecommerce Times)
“eBay on Wednesday announced it was leading a US$134 million investment in Snapdeal, which claims to be India’s largest e-commerce marketplace. eBay’s first investment in Snapdeal came in mid-2013, when it poured $50 million into the company. Snapdeal merited additional financing because of its complementary business model and strong overall brand, eBay said. The funds will go toward helping Snapdeal accelerate its growth. The Indian market is now comprised of 200 million Internet users and 140 million mobile Internet users.”

Why it’s not enough to just have live chat (eConsultancy)
“However, I think that just having a constant link to a live chat tool is actually not enough. You need to take it one step further. Optimization, in this, is key. Live chat works on the premise that you can easily and efficiently connect with customers but it also is a way of communicating with individuals. You need to connect with people in the same way that a friendly sales assistant would in a shop. This is not your FAQ page: personalize. Here are three quick tips to personalize your live chat.”

13 Amazing Abandoned Cart Emails (And What You Can Learn From Them) (Shopify blog)
“Today we want to zoom in on one of the most effective ways to recover lost customers after they abandon their carts: the Email Recovery Campaign. Then we’ll share the tools you need to set one up for yourself. In a Shopify analysis of 50 online stores, ranging from the very small to the very large, from clothing retailers to phone case manufacturers, we’ve derived the essential characteristics of great abandoned cart emails.”



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