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4 Mistakes to Avoid with Ecommerce Customer Data (Practical Ecommerce)
“Collecting data about shoppers is essential for ecommerce businesses. Demographic, social, and behavioral data provides insights to merchants for marketing campaigns, product improvements, and to offer better customer service. However, when not implemented correctly, data-centric strategies can do more harm than good. Below are four common mistakes ecommerce merchants make when dealing with customer data.”

5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Site (Get Elastic)
Last holiday season, mobile ecommerce traffic was greater than 50%, and 25% of purchases made on Thanksgiving 2013 came through mobile devices. Pair this with the fact there’s more mobile devices than people in this world, mcommerce too big to ignore in 2014. It’s not enough to have a mobile presence — it’s gotta be optimized. While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are five things to think about when designing and tuning your mobile commerce site.”

Bridesmaid Dress Rental Service Little Borrowed Dress Raises $1.25M From Index Ventures, A16Z (Tech Crunch)
“The startup rents a line of bridesmaid dresses that it designs and manufactures in New York City. Unlike typical bridesmaid dress retailers, which charge an average of $230 per dress before alteration costs (I’ve been a bridesmaid many times, so I can attest to this being true), Little Borrowed Dress rents dresses online starting at just $50.”


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