Show Me the Poster, Insound!

Today I was browsing around on the ecommerce store. This retailer carries tons of music-related items, from vinyl and turntables to band shirts and posters. I can always use another poster to hang on my wall, so I thought I’d check out this section of the site. When I did, I was pretty disappointed with my options… here’s why.

There are more than 100 products in the Posters section of this online shop. Sadly, there are no sorting or filtering menus to help me narrow it down. I would love to be able to search by band within this category, or to filter by size or color scheme. What I can do is select from a few options at the top: Top Posters, New Posters, and On Sale. Well… I guess it’s a start, but I definitely recommend that Insound expand the filtering options.

insound1 copy

I wanted to check out the first poster here, the Magnificent Map of Rap Names. Sounds cool! I clicked on the image to get to the product detail page. There are some nice features on this page, such as the cross sale feature at the bottom showing other items by this same brand, which even allows for some items to be added directly to the cart without viewing the product page. I also like that there is a button on the right leading directly to a page where shoppers can purchase a gift card. However, there’s one big thing that I really don’t like, and it’s kind of a deal-breaker: the product image. There is only one, and it’s too small to see any detail! This poster is supposed to show names, but I can’t read them. I would love to see an additional image of greater detail, even if it’s just a portion of the poster.

insound2 copy

I clicked on the image to enlarge it. This helps a bit, but not much. I still can’t read the detail on the poster. Plus, it’s not like this is the only detailed poster on this ecommerce site. There are plenty of others that shoppers will want to see up close, and what will happen if they can’t? Odds are they might not make that purchase.

insound3 copy

My recommendation is for Insound to provide additional images of each poster that shows greater detail, and a zoom feature on top of that. This is really important. Shoppers want to know what they’re buying, and if they can’t see what they’re getting, they probably won’t buy it, or they will buy it from another retailer. It’s not worth missing out on the sales for lack of images. Time for some updates!

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