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4 Big Ways Big Data Will Transform Ecommerce (Get Elastic)
“Ecommerce is on the verge of a big shift driven by big data and intelligent technologies. This shift is towards a more efficient, personalized, even automated customer journey. Emerging personalization tools are designed to mimic the brain, leveraging neural networks and deep learning. Netflix is already moving in this direction, and it’s known Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and others are also embracing these technologies through startup acquisitions and key hires.”

Monstrous mobile SEO implications, thanks to Big Data (SiliconANGLE)
“But lets look at this from a business perspective: If 80 percent of Internet connections are going to be made by mobile devices by 2025, that means that in 11 years 80 percent of your customer base is going to be mobile-first. Eight out of ten people are going to only know your brand, company or enterprise through a mobile device.”

The attributes of usability and how to exploit them (eConsultancy)
“The importance of a strong online presence exponentially increases as time goes on. Companies need to follow their audience into the digital space and provide them with the optimal experience online. However, just creating a website isn’t enough; there needs to be careful consideration into your target audience, their optimal experience and how you can affect it. Using the 11 attributes of usability, one can determine how to present digital content that will best satisfy users.”


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