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WordPress Ecommerce Plugins that Speed Up Redesigns (Practical Ecommerce)
“In “7 Ecommerce Design Trends for 2014,” we addressed factors that will likely influence ecommerce redesigns in 2014. These include the popularity of images, video, and other rich content, and the continued rise of mobile. If you run a store from a WordPress platform, implementing design changes is easier with the ready availability of plugins and themes. In this article, I’ll review plugins and themes that make redesigning a WordPress ecommerce site much easier.”

How Amazon and mobile commerce are challenging B2B companies (Internet Retailer)
“Retail ecommerce leader Inc. and mobile commerce are setting higher standards for how companies must sell to other businesses through e-commerce sites and mobile devices, Forrester Research says in a new report titled, “The New and Emerging World of B2B Commerce.” In a world where customers research and buy via several traditional and non-traditional channels, companies engaged in business-to-business ecommerce need to offer an Amazon-like, customer-friendly model, the report says.”

Checkout abandonment: mobile UX examples to help boost conversions (eConsultancy)
“The question is, what can be done to reduce basket abandonment on mobile? In truth a large proportion will continue to drop out simply because they use mobile for product research, however there are still ways of shortening the purchase journey on mobile so shoppers are nudged towards a conversion rather than dropping out. To give some inspiration for mobile designers, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite UX features from various mobile commerce sites and apps that might help to limit user frustration and abandonment rates.”

Check up on your Checkout: 12 Tips to Create a Seamless eCommerce Purchasing Process (EYEMAGINE blog)
“There are countless possibilities as to why these folks bail on their orders, but there are steps you can take to cut down that number and increase conversions. One huge step? Streamlining the ecommerce purchasing process. For shoppers who have made it as far as the checkout, it is important to make this process as seamless as possible. Here are 12 tips to ensure that your ecommerce checkout eliminates any snags for the customer and builds their confidence in your site.”

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