Leatherock Lets You Checkout With Nothing

Take a look at this very strange navigation issue I found on ecommerce retailer Leatherock‘s site. Using the top navigation menu, I was exploring the various categories of leather products on this online store. I looked at some belts, as well as some handbags, but I did not add anything to my cart. Then I noticed that one of the tabs in the top menu is Checkout. On the one hand, this is nice because it makes it very easy for shoppers to find the cart and finish their purchases. However, it’s strange that this should be here if I don’t have anything in my cart…

leatherock1 copy

I clicked on this Checkout tab and was pretty surprised. Although it shows at the top that there are no items in my cart, I can still fill out all the other fields necessary to checkout. Why would anyone do that? This page is really strange, and kind of pointless.

leatherock2 copy

I understand the appeal of a one-page checkout, but I suggest the page doesn’t appear unless the shopper actually has something to buy! My recommendation is to remove the Checkout tab from the top navigation, and instead show a View Cart button. Implementing a cart review page before the checkout would be a nice addition to Leatherock’s ecommerce store that would eliminate potential confusion and frustration for their customers.


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