Badge of Honor: Chic Armor & the Armored Babe

Man, some ecommerce sites are doing really cool things with social media these days! Take jewelry brand Chic Armor, for instance. They devote a whole tab of their top navigation to user-generated photos of their products from Instagram and Twitter. How cool to feature your customers so prominently on your site! Clearly they have a lot of love for their fans. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, and today is all about love, we are awarding Chic Armor this week’s Badge of Honor.

chicarmor copy

Below is the Chic Armor home page. As you can see, they’re featuring some great visuals, highlighting certain “Must Have” products on the right. Below this, there is a banner with the headline “Show Us Your Armor” that shows a few user-submitted photos. There is a hashtag (#armoredbabe), which is also mirrored in the top navigation. Two home page placements for this section means a lot of eyes on those customer photos!

chicarmor1 copy

When I headed to the Armored Babe page, I saw tons of awesome pictures that fans had tagged of their Chic Armor jewelry. This is cool for a few reasons. First, it builds customer loyalty for these followers, because when their photos appear on the site, they feel connected to and appreciated by the brand. Second, these pictures are great for first-time customers because they build confidence in Chic Armor. If other trendsetters are wearing these items, they can too! This page is also great for inspiration and ideas, like which pieces look good together. All in all, there’s a lot of good going on here!

chicarmor2 copy

If a user clicks on one of the photos, it will open in it’s own page, displaying the original tweet or post that it appeared in. Again, this is nice for the user who submitted the picture, because they can draw new followers to their account. But it’s also cool that Chic Armor provides a Similar Items section. They offer four products that go with the items in the picture, which gets users back to the all-important goal of shopping and buying. Great strategy.

chicarmor3 copy

We think the way Chic Armor shows love for their Instagram and Twitter-using customers is pretty great. It’s a win-win for everyone, and it really adds to this ecommerce site in a big way. We hope they enjoy this Badge of Honor, and we hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day!


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One Comment

  1. Posted February 14, 2014 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for checking us out Sasha and writing such an awesome post! What a pleasant surprise. We are working hard to show love for our customers and are pleased that you were able to recognize that! We’re trying to take a small business to the moon and back 😉

    Much love,

    Jenny B.

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