When Missing Product Images Ruin the Day

Yesterday, while shopping for organic beauty products from Juice Beauty‘s ecommerce site, I came across some problems. Namely, I found many broken images that gave the site an unprofessional feel. Now, it is important to note that Juice Beauty has since fixed all these issues, but I think it’s worth posting to serve as an example of how a few missing pictures can really take the air out of an otherwise great site. Take a look.

From the top navigation menu, I headed to the Collections tab and clicked on Everyday Essentials. This page is actually really nice. I like the short description of the category, along with the video featuring the company’s founder talking about the products. The first item, the cleansing milk, has a best seller badge, so I decided to head to the product page.

juicebeauty1 copy

When I got here, I was pretty disappointed. The image is broken! Although the thumbnail is still visible, I can’t see the large image. This is kind of frustrating, and frankly, doesn’t give me much confidence in purchasing from this retailer.

juicebeauty2 copyFrom here, I decided to explore more of the site. I headed back up to that top navigation menu and opened the Makeup tab. When the drop-down menu opened, I noticed a section with some featured best-selling products. But here again, I found more broken images. Why would a shopper want to shop the Perfecting Foundation if they don’t know what it looks like? Obviously, these pictures need to be fixed ASAP.

juicebeauty3 copyAlright, I’m sensing a pattern here. It seems like this ecommerce shop wants to keep me in the dark about some of it’s products… but I decided to give it one more shot. I opened the Hair Care tab and clicked View All. This category page looked messy to say the least. There is clearly supposed to be a banner at the top, with some text about hair care products, and probably an image. However, the items in the category are overlapping on top of it. This doesn’t look good.

juicebeauty4 copyAgain, I just want to say the Juice Beauty did fix all these issues that I came across yesterday, and everything is back to normal. But for first-time customers like me who stumbled across the site on a bad day? Well, I might not have made a purchase or even returned. The lesson here is simply to stay on top of your images, make sure everything always looks great, and maintain a professional ecommerce store that people will want to purchase from.

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