Valentine’s Gift Ideas To Search and Find Online

By Dawn Mortensen

If you haven’t yet considered what to give your sweetheart this Friday (and you should, because time is running out!), you may be more likely to find the perfect gift online.

The National Retail Federation predicts that online shoppers will spend 31% more than brick-and-mortar shoppers for Valentine’s Day 2014. They say the average person will spend $133.91, but the average online shopper will spend $175.80.

Why do online shoppers spend more? Perhaps it’s because gifts are often easier to search for and find online, where there’s a far greater selection. If your favorite online store has a great search function, you can simply type in a search term and then refine the results until you find the perfect gift.

Here are three examples of Valentine’s gift ideas you can search for and find easily online:

1.  Tulips

Roses may be iconic for Valentine’s Day, but for something different you can try one of the next most-searched for flowers, tulips. At type “pink and red tulips” in the search box. Refine to your price range, make a selection and you’re done. Late shoppers can even get next day or same-day delivery.

2.  Valentine’s Themed Jewelry

At, start typing the word “heart” into the search box and you’ll see the most popular options in a drop down box before you even click to a product results page. By using this autocomplete with graphics feature, along with a learning search engine that shows the best selections first, Samuels Jewelers makes it easy and almost foolproof for a last-minute shopper to find and click on something that will make a great gift.

3.  Red Wine Glasses

A nice bottle of red wine is always welcomed, but a more thoughtful and lasting gift is a set of high-quality wine glasses to go with it. has the same SLI Rich Auto Complete feature as Samuels Jewelers, so you can just start typing “red wine glasses” into the search box and the most popular related items will appear. Click through to product detail pages to find your preferred style and brand.

Easy, wasn’t it? Turns out finding great Valentine’s gift ideas wasn’t so hard after all. The only problem with great site search is that it makes it almost too easy to spend that average amount of $175.80 – or more – online.


Dawn Mortensen is contributing editor for the SLI Systems blog, Site Search Today. SLI Systems is the leading SaaS provider of site search solutions for IR 500 clients. To learn more about SLI Systems’ solutions for ecommerce, visit

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