A Site Search Runaround from Flight 001

In case anyone was curious, today is my birthday! One of the gifts I received this year was a new suitcase, and another gift is a trip to take it on, so I am really excited. I wanted to find myself a cool new luggage tag for my cool new carry-on, so I headed to Flight 001‘s ecommerce store. This site has all kind of luggage and travel accessories. Rather than sift through all the categories since I knew what I was here for, I went straight to the search function and typed in “luggage tag.”

flight001_1 copy

So far so good! I found plenty of relevant results to browse through. When I got toward the middle of the page, I saw a fun tag that I really like that says “we all have our baggage.” (Isn’t that the truth…) As you can see, there is no indication that this product might not be available, but I was in for a surprise.

flight001_2 copy

When I clicked on the item and got to the product page, look what I found. This luggage tag is out of stock! It would have been nice to know that from the search results page, so that I didn’t waste my time clicking through for items I can’t actually buy. It is nice that I can sign up to get notified about this item, but I would recommend adding a message for out of stock items on those search results and category pages in addition to the product page to eliminate this frustration.

flight001_3 copy

I headed back to the search results and kept exploring. When I reached the end of the luggage tags, Flight 001 offered some additional “Related Search Results.” Basically, this is a type of cross-sale feature. They figure that if I’m buying a tag, then maybe I need luggage to put it on. It’s one thing to offer a few products under a heading like “You Might Also Like.” However, to me Flight 001 goes too far here.┬áThis ecommerce store offers a whopping 63 products to scroll through beyond my original search, and the items are really not that related. With everything from suitcases and neck pillows to locks and other accessories… it seems like half the products on the whole site are here! This is just too much.

flight001_4 copyI recommend that Flight 001 makes some updates to this “Related Search Results” feature to make it more relevant and more manageable. I also suggest providing notifications on category pages and search results pages when items are out of stock. This will really help to cut down on some of the frustration that users may feel, and improve the overall shopping experience on this ecommerce site.


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