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We love when our Ecommerce Outtakes readers submit their own sites for review. It’s always fun to help out and give suggestions! We’re excited today to give the review they asked for. What’s the verdict? Overall, the design and layout of the site is great, and it also provides a lot of helpful information that shoppers might need. However, there are some areas where we have some recommendations, too.

First, the good news. Take a look at this site… it looks great! The design really showcases the Sticker Mule brand, using their mule logo in all the sticker examples. The copy is fun, the design is fun, and it really conveys to the shopper that they will have fun with this site and these products.

stickermule1 copy

I decided to explore the Custom Stickers option, and from there selected the Circle Stickers category. I like that the product images show many different examples to help the shopper get ideas or inspiration. I also really like how the quantity option shows the pricing info, and in red, the percent that a customer can save by ordering a larger quantity. This is a great incentive to get people to order more! One suggestion I do have for this category has to do with the size options. Maybe there could be some images or descriptions to give people a sense of scale. For example, it might say that a 3″ x 3″ sticker is about the size of a coffee mug. This would give shoppers a better feel for what size they want.

stickermule2 copy

Another cool aspect I found as I scrolled down this page was the customer ratings. There are 872 reviews of these circle stickers (wow!), and people have the option to rate them as great, okay, or not good. The majority of buyers found them to be great, but I was interested to see what people had to say who didn’t find this product to be great. What didn’t they like about it? Unfortunately, I could not click on the not good icon, or any of them at all.

stickermule3 copy

The next step in the process is to upload the image you want to put on the sticker. Basically it’s just an upload button, with no guidelines for what the image should be like. This is a little confusing… When I looked to the top navigation menu, I saw that there is a section called Templates, so I headed here and found the circle sticker template. To me, it seems like this should be integrated into the customizing process better. The link to this circle sticker template should be right below that upload button, not in a separate section of the site!

stickermule4 copy

Sticker Mule promises to provide a digital proof of your custom product within 24 hours. Now, I know that not everyone can be Vistaprint, displaying the personalized item right away, but it would be nice to see a sample in the cart. As you can see below, now it’s just more of the same mule, no matter what you order. One thing that is great though: the part that tells you when to order to get your stickers by Monday. That sense of urgency is a great strategy to encourage purchases!

stickermule5 copy

To end on another good note, I want to point out the Gallery on this ecommerce site. Sticker Mule has a section of the shop where they showcase previous stickers that other shoppers have made. This is such a cool way to show users examples and inspiration, and many of them can even be purchased. Such a great feature!

stickermule6 copy

So, to sum up: loving the design, the gallery, and the detailed pricing and shipping info, but wishing that the customizing process was a bit more intuitive and offered a proof at the end. We think these suggestions can really help improve the shopping experience on their ecommerce store. Thanks for submitting your site, guys!


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