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Online Reviewers Lean Toward Good, Mixed Feedback over Negative (eMarketer)
“Reviews now play an integral role in the path to purchase among consumers inclined to do research on the internet. In fact, a January 2014 survey of US adult internet users conducted by YouGov found that 79% of them checked online reviews at least some of the time before making a purchase. Only 7% of respondents said they never checked a review, underscoring how important they’ve become during the research phase of shopping.”

16 Inexpensive Ways to Grow Ecommerce Revenue (Practical Ecommerce)
Many ecommerce merchants focus on acquiring new visitors to increase revenue. While that strategy can be helpful, it’s often cheaper to focus on growing revenue from existing shoppers, by improving conversion rates and increasing the average order size. In this article, I’ll offer 9 simple ways to improve your ecommerce site’s conversion rate, and 7 ways to grow its average order size. None of these ideas are new. But they are all proven to grow revenue.”

Analysis: Twitter faces an uphill battle to make its ecommerce venture a success (Retail Week)
Its new venture, Twitter Commerce, is studying a potential tie-up with US shopping site Fancy, in which Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is an investor as well as a board member. Leaked documents reveal that Twitter users will be able to purchase directly from tweets with a “buy with Fancy” button. Twitter Commerce comes on the back of Facebook’s attempt to monetise its huge community with its Gifts initiative but it was scrapped after anaemic demand. Even retailers’ own attempts to set up shop on the social network were made in vain with the likes of AsosOasis and Gap, closing their transactional Facebook stores.”

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