Ecommerce Snapshot: Great American Spice Company

I got a tip about a very confusing ecommerce shipping policy, so of course I had to investigate. When I looked into Great American Spice Company‘s site, I have to admit, I was pretty puzzled myself! Arriving on the site, I saw some text at the top of the page: “$5.99 flat rate shipping free over $55.” That sentence doesn’t really make much sense… the wording is not very clear. So I clicked on the text and landed on the Shipping Info page, where I hoped I’d get more information. Sadly, this was not helpful.

greatamericanspice1 copy

Orders over $55 ship for free or for $5.99? Which is it?! In the next sentence, it says that regardless of what I order shipping is $5.99. Okay, I am still scratching my head on this one. Please, Great American Spice Company, clear up this language so that your ecommerce shipping policy is easy to understand!


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