Why to Choose Magento for your Ecommerce Store

By Nirmal Mali

A recent study identified Magento as the ecommerce industry’s most popular platform ahead of its nearest competitors with a 31% slice of market share. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that Magento-powered ecommerce sites are raking in the big bucks for their website owners. Also, these owners are able to control and manage their sites better because of the amazingly convenient back-end process this ecommerce platform brings to the table.

Here are some of the key benefits to using Magento you will want to consider when choosing a platform for your ecommerce site:

1.       Theme Heaven

One of the biggest benefits of using Magento to power your ecommerce efforts is the sheer number of amazing themes that are available for use. Whether you are selling bikes, apparel or even software technology, there is a theme that will be perfect for your needs and requirements. The success or failure of any ecommerce site is linked very closely with the quality of the chosen theme. High-quality themes are those that offer shoppers a very engaging and convenient user experience that persuades them to shop for products from the site, and nowhere else.

2.       An Active and Continuously Growing Developer Community

The popularity of Magento has led to a huge following of developers, adding more value to the platform all the time. In fact, this community is feeding off the popularity of the Magento platform and vice versa. The global developer following that Magento has built up over the years has ensured that issues and errors are addressed quickly and there are plenty of forums offering help to developers facing a problem in Magento development. What’s more, the thriving development community means there are new extensions and add-ons released on the market regularly. This essentially means the platform keeps getting better and better.

3.       Three Distinct Versions to Choose From

The people behind Magento understood one critical aspect of ecommerce development – every business owner has different needs. This is why it offers three great versions, namely the Magento Community Edition (open source), Magento Go (for small businesses beginning their ecommerce journey) and Enterprise Edition (for business who want to leverage the immense potential of ecommerce by making use of a slew of features and functionalities). This enables merchants to take their pick with respect to the version that best fits their requirements. If they want to make changes to the code, an open source version is best; on the other hand if they want to make a version that has a whole array of built in features that help offer a personalized shopping experience, the Magento Enterprise Edition is a perfect fit.

4.       A Tremendously Scalable Platform

The last point about Magento’s three editions gives an idea about the scalability of this platform. The reason Magento is actually such a scalable platform is that even large retailers can use the open source Community Edition and experience many of the benefits offered by the Enterprise Edition. Online merchants who wanted an affordable online store and started off their ecommerce site using the Community Edition have found no reason to migrate to other editions, because their existing platform is able to grow with them. Also, the fact that there are a number or world-class, third-party ecommerce solutions that integrate seamlessly with Magento ensures retailers can take care of the growing needs of their business by choosing to work with the existing Magento platform irrespective of whether it’s open source or the proprietary edition.

5.       Plenty of Magento Expertise Going Around

As a potential online merchant who wants to maximize your ecommerce presence, you’ll only want to work with the best developers in the business. When it comes to Magento ecommerce development, experienced developers are plentiful. This is a crucial benefit, because you’ll want your ecommerce store to deliver high ROI, and this is only possible if you work with developers who understand the business of online commerce – especially  Magento-powered ecommerce –inside and out. With so many developers with Magento expertise, you can pick the right developer for your needs and get your Magento site up and running in no time. However, it’s important that you work with Magento-certified developers whenever possible, because you can trust their skill sets and Magento knowledge to deliver the kind of site you need.

There are many more reasons why Magento is the ideal ecommerce platform that will help you perfectly satisfy the needs of your web-based audience. While this is one of the best platforms for ecommerce, it is still important that you make an informed decision regarding your choice. So, make sure you know everything there is to know about Magento and how its use will help your company reap all the benefits of ecommerce and ensure a profitable business presence. When you choose a developer or development company with Magento expertise, make sure to ask them all your questions about this platform, its functionality and usability.

There is absolutely no doubt the Magento ecommerce platform is a great choice, and its continuous improvements means it will continue to deliver even more value in the years to come.
Nirmal Mali works with ThemeHeros – An online marketplace for premium Magento themes, extensions, OpenCart templates and excellent Magento services. He enjoys writing and blogging about ecommerce websites and industry trends. Visit the ThemeHeros Blog for more of Nirmal’s ecommerce updates, and follow ThemeHeros on Twitter.


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