A Few Tweaks for Neiman Marcus Mobile

Let’s take a minute to talk about Neiman Marcus and their mobile ecommerce site. When I was browsing this site, I found an unique feature that seemed really cool. But the more I dug around, the more problems I found. I’m curious to see if people will agree with me on this one, or just think I’m being too picky. You tell me!

To start, here’s the home page. My eye instantly landed on the carousel at the top that rotated through three featured messages. When I saw this one for $50 off a purchase, of course I clicked.

neimanmarcus2The page I landed on was for women’s apparel, and it was populated with some beautiful gowns and shoes at the top. That red dress might seem familiar if you watched the Golden Globes, where Lupita Nyong’o rocked it on the red carpet. Anyway, one thing that’s a bit strange here is these first two items can’t actually be purchased, only pre-ordered. I suppose since this dress was all over the news lately, this might be a smart move, but I personally want to see things that I can buy now while this offer is going on. Instead, I caught a glimpse of that butterfly icon in the upper left of the product image, which shows similar items. I clicked on it for this Louboutin shoe.

neimanmarcus3 copy

This feature is very cool. It allows shoppers to explore related items for any product they want, offering tons of recommendations at the touch of a butterfly. To me, this seems like a really fun way to browse and explore this m-commerce store. However, my problem comes in as I scroll down. This page uses an infinite scroll, so it continues to show more products the more you scroll. This can get overwhelming. I would prefer if the recommendations cut off at a certain point to keep things manageable, but maybe that’s just me. Also, in this case, all I’m really seeing are more shoes by the same brand. It would be nice to see a more varied selection.


I clicked onto a product page to check it out. Overall, the product pages on Neiman Marcus’ mobile site are nice. Shoppers can view multiple images, add to their favorites, open up a complete product description, and again see more of those related products. It’s comprehensive while still being simple, which is great.


Alright, here’s the bad news. The add to shopping bag button follows you as you scroll down. This isn’t a problem until you get to the very bottom of the page, where it covers up the social sharing buttons. If I want to share this shoe on my Pinterest boards for example, I would have to have some pretty tiny fingers to catch the edge of the button!

neimanmarcus4 copy

Clearly, there is some good along with some not-so-good on this mobile ecommerce site. I love the idea of the butterfly icon displaying related products, but I would like to see more variety in these recommendations, and also perhaps fewer total items. I love the product page, but I would like to see the social sharing buttons without having them covered up by the add to shopping bag button. In my opinion, some tweaks to an otherwise great design would make for some wonderful improvements to the usability of Neiman Marcus mobile.


Do you agree? Tell me why (or why not) in the comments!



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