An Update from Beardbrand: They Listened!

Back in November, we wrote a review about ecommerce retailer Beardbrand. This online store had some great men’s grooming products, but the website was a bit lacking. The home page featured too many products, the top navigation wasn’t very intuitive, and filtering on the category page was a bit strange. Well today I am happy to report that Beardbrand took our advice and made some updates to the site! Let’s take a look at how the new version compares.

Last time we checked in on Beardbrand, the home page overwhelmed us. Rather than showcasing a few featured products, this online shop heaped 32 items onto this page, with no way to sort or refine. It was too much! Thankfully, some big changes have been made to the home page. Check out the screenshot below. The main image features the Beardbrand team and leads to a page about the company. I love that the team included their pictures, because it connects customers to the real people behind the brand and lends a personal touch. Below this, the three main product categories are showcased, providing a quick feel for what types of products can be found here. And below that, we see four featured products. Way more manageable than the 32 items we saw on the old home page! I also love the design element of the blue banners with black text, which gives the page a unified look. Such a huge improvement!

beardbrand4 copy

The top navigation menu has also gotten an upgrade. It has been divided into two sections, with tabs for the product categories of Beard Care, Grooming Kits and Lifestyle in a larger font taking center stage. Other non-shopping tabs, like Blog, Media and Retailers, are smaller and pushed farther to the top. They’re still easy to find, but the emphasis is now more focused on the products, which is great. Also, the Beardbrand logo takes the shopper back to the home page, whereas before, it wasn’t clickable. Site users typically expect the logo to lead back to the home page, so this is a great improvement.

beardbrand5 copy

The drop-down menus have been eliminated, which makes the navigation simpler. On a category page, such as Beard Care, shoppers can see the more specific sub-categories listed along the top. This is a nice way to help them narrow down their search, since there aren’t a ton of products. If more items are added to the category, I might suggest adding a sorting menu with options such a newest, price low to high, and top rated. As it stands now, it’s easy enough for users to find what they want without sorting.

beardbrand6 copy

We are really excited to see this new and improved version of the Beardbrand ecommerce site! The home page looks fantastic, the navigation is improved, and the overall shopping experience is much easier. Thanks for listening, Beardbrand, and keep up the great work!



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