Badge of Honor: Kershaw Knives

We’ve all seen them. Those ecommerce sites that seem to have a ton of bells and whistles, but are just difficult to shop. We say, enough of that. Here’s a great ecommerce site that puts the focus where it belongs: on the products. Kershaw Knives is the winner of today’s Badge of Honor. Let’s take a look all the awesome things they’re doing right.

kershawknives copyFrom the home page, you can see that Kershaw puts the products first. There is a carousel of images at the top, and placement for the knife gallery and product categories directly below that. No scrolling below the fold to get to the products, no nonsense. Just shopping.

kershawknives1 copy

I selected the Everyday Carry category, and at first I was pretty blown away by the amount of products here. But thankfully, Kershaw has provided some truly excellent ways to help shoppers narrow things down. By clicking on the Filter tab at the top, I could open a whole beautiful menu of choices. Each of these very relevant filtering options has a little plus sign by it, which the user can click to view all the selections and choose what they want. Once you make all your selections, just click the Update Results button at the top and voila! Only the products you’re interested in.

kershawknives2 copy

To be fair, this isn’t totally flawless. If a shopper picks too many filters, they may not end up with any results matching their search. However, the selected filters appear at the top and can be eliminated one by one, or cleared entirely, so it’s not a wasted effort. On top of that, there’s a great sorting menu to help shoppers out as well. Personally, I love the ability to sort by rating. Customers on this site have left some in-depth reviews on these products, so it’s a really great example of this feature at it’s best.

kershawknives3 copy

I like that there is a Quick View option, but I headed straight to the product page of this Clash knife. The firs thing that caught my eye were these icons on the first product image that show some of the features of the knife. When you mouse over each one, it shows what the icon represents. These are explained in detail under the Tech Specs tab, but I love that it is shown here visually so people get a sense for the knife’s features at a glance.  A few other things I like about the product pages: the ability to view prices in U.S. or Canadian dollars, the social sharing buttons, related products, and again, those helpful customer reviews.

kershawknives4 copy


As I said, the focus on the products here is so nice. The fact that this ecommerce store is able to pull off that focus while maintaining a great design is icing on the cake (and worthy of a Badge of Honor). Congrats to Kershaw Knives… Keep up the great work!


Which ecommerce site do you think deserves a Badge of Honor? Tell us in the comments!



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